Detect if user prefers to reduce motion


use-reduced-motion detects if user prefers to reduce motion. It uses use-media-query hook under the hood. Hook relies on window.matchMedia() API and will always return false if api is not available (e.g. during server side rendering).

Use hook to detect if user prefers to reduce motion ((prefers-reduced-motion: reduce) media query) and set animations duration based on this value. All Mantine components which use animations support it by default:

You prefer not to reduce motion
import React from 'react';
import { Badge } from '@mantine/core';
import { useReducedMotion } from '@mantine/hooks';
export function Demo() {
const reduceMotion = useReducedMotion();
return (
color={reduceMotion ? 'red' : 'teal'}
style={{ transitionDuration: reduceMotion ? '0ms' : '200ms' }}
{reduceMotion ? 'You prefer to reduce motion' : 'You prefer not to reduce motion'}